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Christopher Hopper Band ⎟ at a glance

The Christopher Hopper Band, CHB, is a dynamic blend of music and
dance set in the context of worship and the preaching of the Word.
Their heart is to lead people into the manifest presence of God, the
place where freedom is found, joy is discovered, and true love is

Traveling to nations across the globe, Christopher and Jennifer
Hopper reside in the 1,000 Islands region of Northern, NY with their
daughter Evangeline. Along with their traveling team of minstrels,
the Hoppers move in a prophetic flow of ministry where each event is
never the same twice.

For them it’s not a show or a concert, but a moment for the Holy
Spirit to minister to the hearts of anyone willing to be opened to
the grace and love of Jesus. Their desire is to see people in bondage
set free, the possessed delivered, the wounded healed and the lost

CHB has a rich sound all there own and is as unique as it is varied.
Stemming from the diverse backgrounds of its players, the music
combines pop/rock with jazz, funk, RnB, reggae and folk.
Their heart for worship and expression of what the Holy Spirit wants
for the “now moment” make them one of the premier worship concert
bands of their generation.

Full of heart and an anointing for congregational worship, CHB never
takes the stage the same way twice, and always leaves you remembering

Christopher Hopper Band ⎟ discography

Don’t Let Me Go (1999 AireFire Records)
Please Come In (2001 AireFire Records)
Vertical: The Worship Project (2002 AireFire Records)
Christopher Hopper Live! (2003 AireFire Records)
Pour Toi (2003 AireFire Records)
Falling For You (2003 AireFire Records)
Dialed In (2005 AireFire Records)
Airborn (2005 AireFire Records)


6 Responses to “Music”

  1. Jacqueline Grabowski Says:

    your music is great, We are your biggest fan’s. It doesn’t get better than this. Admiring from a far

  2. Thanks Jack. Speachless; you always bless me with your words. We miss you guys like crazy. And we’re your biggest fans.


  3. Michelle Machin Says:

    You guys are so awesome, I saw you performing here in Michigan, in Almont. Your voice is outstanding, as well as your wife’s, and it really speaks to me. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks Michelle! So great to hear from someone in Michigan! We love all you guys out there! I appreciate your kind words. Hopefully we’ll be back that way soon!


  5. Hey boardies, checkout my about laserschneiden and sorry about my worse english. Greetz from Germany.,

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