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In Brussels

Posted in General, Ministry, On The Road, Overseas, Tour Dates on April 7, 2007 by christopherhopper

Greetings everyone!

Sitting here in our host home in downtown Brussels at a table with our team. I just asked them to start shouting out their favorite parts of , our first day on the EuroTour 2007:

“Taking naps.”


“Leaving me at Customs.” ~Joe Peterson

“Worship was great!”

“I wasn’t nervous on the stage at all. God took care of all my nerves.” ~Abby Damon

“I had a six year old praying over each chair in the church before the meeting last night; it was amazing to watch her work at such aa young age.” ~Kathleen Darling

“Everything seemed so hectic before we started, but it all came together in the end and was so God. On the way back from the place we had dinner, we got lost, and the Holy Spirit helped us get back to the place we were staying.” ~Hannah Damon

“I had my first prophetic word for someone last night, about them being a peace maker. It was amazing to be used by the Lord like that.” ~Gabbi Burt

“Seeing that 16 year old boy get touched by the presence of God at the airport. His mom said it was the first time she ever saw him cry in 16 years.” ~Jason Rodgers

We had a 16 year old boy give his heart to Jesus on the sidewalk outside the airport, prayed for a little girl in a wheelchair on the street, and then 7 more responded to the Gospel message at last night’s meeting. The music team ministered well for being so tired, and the drama team was awesome.

We head out by train to Charleroi this afternoon, just 45 minutes south of Brussels. We’ll have a meeting there and then return in Brussels tonight.

Thanks for your prayers!