Rise of The Dibor

Book I – The White Lion Chronicles

Release Date: June 15th 2006,

Published by: Tsaba House, Reedley, CA

– – –

A World untouched by evil and ignorant of temptation is quietly awakened to a wicked influence in its kingdom that threatens to destroy all life. At first any signs of change are subtle, but slowly even Creation itself heralds the impending doom that awaits.

Luik son of Lair embarks on an epic saga to protect his people and attempt to keep his world from following the fate of one that has gone before it. Earth. What some thought was merely a means to an end, others believe will be the birth of a legend. Luik and a brilliant cast of characters join together in this perfect world gone wrong, as it becomes the epicenter for a war of historic proportions.

Rise of the Dibor spans into some of the most essential questions of the Christian faith, including humanity’s ability, or complete failure, to resist temptation and our inevitable need for a Savior.

– – –

The Lion Vrie

The Lion Vrie

Book I – The White Lion Chronicles

Release Date: June 15th 2007,

Published by: Tsaba House, Reedley, CA

– – –

What if life as you had known it ceased to exist? If surrounded by utter destruction, how would you even begin to rebuild? And where could you turn for help?

Luik, the son of a fallen Dionian king, finds himself injured and headed for Tontha in the north of a besieged Dionia. Here he sorts through the trauma of the recent past and attempts to piece together the whereabouts of the defeated Dibor and his friends Fane, Hadrian, and Princess Anorra.

As work begins on fortifying Mt. Dakka, now under his command, Luik journeys south to the wreckage of Adriel in hopes of discovering anything that might help him find his missing friends. The journey uncovers far more than he ever anticipated, and upon returning to Mt. Dakka he discovers more shocking clues about the secret order—the Knights of The Lion Vrie.

While hope is kindled by the discovery of many of his surviving countrymen, a deep foreboding takes root as Morgui’s grip on Dionia tightens. Luik’s path is plagued by mysterious encounters with the taken and haunted by the effects of evil upon Creation. But even more puzzling is the sudden reappearance of many rumored to be dead including the missing Hadrian.

When strange letters begin to demand his aid, Luik embarks on perilous missions to the far corners of his country, including a daring rescue attempt in Somahguard Islands, crossing through the deserted realm of Trennesol, even risking everything in search of the fabled City of Ot.

Will Luik be reunited with the Dibor, or will he find they have met a similar fate as Dionia’s kings? Is there any hope for the land of Dionia? Is the army of Morgui too vast and overpowering for the remnant of battered Dionians?


3 Responses to “Books”

  1. Shirley Wilcox Says:

    How many books will there be in the series in total? Would you be willing to post the name of the third book?

    Blessings on the tour coming up!

    Shirley Wilcox

  2. I have always planned on making this a Trilogy (unless I clearly get instructions otherwise). The name of Book III is still a mystery as of late, so I’ll have to keep you in suspense for a little while longer. Thanks for your comment!


  3. Jarika T. Says:

    I really enjoy reading your books, and I look forward to getting the third one and finding out how Athera stays on God’s side and what happens to Ot. Your books are very inspiring! God’s Blessings!

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