Christopher Hopper ⎟ a biography

Christopher Hopper was born April 25th 1979 in Ithaca, NY, son of record producer (April & Blackwood Records; Columbia Records; AireFire Records), recording & audio engineer (Clint Black, The Judds) and drummer (Janis Joplin, Phil Keaggy) Peter Hopper, and singer/songwriter Nina Hopper (Shenandoah Conservatory of Music).

Growing up in recording studios, his early musical talents secured him a position as a professional studio drummer at age ten. He toured and produced alongside his father throughout his teenage years with scores of records to his credit. At age nineteen he recorded and co-produced his own first full-length album, Don’t Let Me Go (1999 AireFire Records). The album opened doors for him to tour Europe and Africa as well as the US.

His father also being a pastor, now for over 35 years, Hopper grew up preaching in the church, presenting his first sermon at age 11. He took over the youth pastor vacancy of his father’s church at age 17 and was ordained by both Good News World Outreach and Reach Out For Christ Church Inc at age 23, and then New Life Christian Church at age 26. Whatever doors opened for Hopper whether music or speaking, he usually always was asked to do both, a trait that has hallmarked his ministry.

In the summer of 2001 he formed a trio and recorded a second studio album under the name, Christopher Hopper & Money For The Poor. The album, Please Come In (2001 AireFire Records) spurred a 26 state round-the-US national tour. Later in 2002 he would go back in the studio with a new band for a third studio project, only this time he would dedicate the entire project to worship. Vertical: The Worship Project (2002 AireFire Records), though the least known of his work, would turn a corner for Hopper as he found his “true calling” in leading worship and preaching the Word.

Already having a growing fan base of teenagers and college students, as well as parents who finally found Christian music heralded as something “both teenagers and their parents could enjoy together,” Hopper was approached to lead worship for the Joshua Revolution youth conference in Buffalo, NY in 2002. The event was recorded live and the result was his best selling record to date, Christopher Hopper Live! (2003 AireFire Records).

Immediately following the success of the album, tour demands and speaking engagements in Europe and his growing ministry popularity in France opened another door: a worship CD completely in French. In January of 2003, Hopper went into the studio for his fifth project, this time all in a foreign language. Pour Toi (2003 AireFire Records) was released in both the US and France, sent also to the francophone nations of Africa.

It was also in 2003 that Hopper proposed to his now wife, Jennifer Lee Hopper, also a singer, songwriter and pianist. Falling For You (2003 AireFire Records) would be a duet album released on their wedding in late December, marking 3 CD releases in one year.

Busy with married life, constant touring and conference speaking, his next record would not be recorded until late 2004, a second live recording, this time at HSBC Arena. Dialed In (2005 AireFire Records) would be his first-two disc set and hallmark yet another event in his life and ministry.

In 2005 Hopper would put down roots in the 1,000 Islands region of northern NY and release his eighth recording with the Christopher Hopper Band, Airborn (2005 AireFire Records).

Hopper continues to tour internationally as a guest speaker and worship leader, President of Quest Productions, a private company dedicated to excellence in the performing arts, and director of Awakening, an international youth conference geared towards “taking over” an entire county for Christ. Hopper and his wife are youth pastors at New Life Christian Church and have dedicated themselves to raising up the next generation of young, Christ-centered leaders, two of those being their daughter, Evangeline Mae, and son, Luik Christopher.

And most recently Hopper’s longtime hobby of writing emerged as yet another facet one of his gifts in communication. In 2005 Hopper entered into a publishing contract with Tsaba House Publishing Company (distributed by FaithWorks/STL), the first book of the series, Rise of The Dibor, The White Lion Chronicles, to be released June 15th 2006. Along with writing, Hopper also started Grandath Films, a film company specializing in the production of Book Teasers, Book Trailers and marketing videos.

If you would like more information about Christopher Hopper, his life, business endeavors, music and/or ministry, please visit his hub on the internet at:

Christopher Hopper ⎟ past events sampler
William Carey School / Church of World Missions – Durban, South Africa – 1999
Cijem National Youth Conference – Paris, France – 2000
National Beach Concert – Scheveningen, Holland – 2001
Flood of Faith, Cornell University – Ithaca, NY – 2002
Phoenix 1st Assembly of God – Phoenix, AZ – 2002
Calvary Chapel – Costa Mesa, CA – 2002
Calvary Chapel – Bremerton, WA – 2002
University at Davis – Davis, CA – 2002
Convention Center – Buffalo, NY – 2002
Convention Center – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – 2003
Convention Center – Birmingham, AL – 2003
HSBC Arena – Buffalo, NY – 2003
Belgium Stock Exchange – Brussels, Belgium – 2003
Belgium Central Square – Brussels, Belgium – 2003
Church of The Lamb – Oslo, Norway – 2003
National Christian Conference – Seville, Spain – 2003
Blue Cross Arena – Rochester, NY – 2004
Hockey Arena – Watertown, NY – 2005
National Feast of Music – France – 2002/2003/2004
Regeneration Girls Conference – Grand Island, NY – 2005/2006
Youth Baptist Association Retreat – Corning, NY – 2004/2005/2006


2 Responses to “Bio”

  1. Hi Chris-
    My name is Lisa Dotolo.I am a local artist here in Nashville. Originally from upstate ny. I see you were raised in Ithaca. I often get your updates and I appreciate them but I have some questions for you about your ministry and what exactly you do and I would love it if you could send me over an email address that works for you or the best way to reach you. I can put my questions in an email- no problem. I look forward to hearing from you! Every time I get your updates I feel like God is putting you in front of me for some reason – hence my email today. Thanks for your time & God Bless-

  2. Karen Schwenker Says:

    In November 2006, you did a Baptist Youth convention in Syracuse where my 2 daughters and I met you. I used to frequent Love Inn in the late 60’s and early 70″s as a young Christian and raised all 3 children to love God. When we were there at the conference, you had a word for my daughter– “don’t settle” .She was currently dating a Catholic boy who had little understanding of Jesus as Lord. The relationship continues. I’ve talked to her, prayed for her and yet she seems to continue her relationship. Our whole family can’t understand what happened. Whether she got tired waiting for the “right” one or just the disappointments of life or Satan’s blinding, we are trying to continue trusting that God has a plan through this somehow. I have having difficulty relating to this young man. He loves to argue which I don’t. Every thing I think and feel is in direct contrast to him. My daughter feels I an just being negative. Help!! Is my only choice to love her, keep my mouth shut and pray? (which is the usual advice from other Christians. My other two children are doing fine. My 23 yr. son just wrote and produced his first film and was just baptized. My other daughter is committed to God and doesn’t understand where this “alter identity person” came from.We have prayed against Satan and asked for God to open her eyes.

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