TCT-TV Video Clip

Watch Jennifer & Christopher perform “Words Cannot Describe” (Jennifer Hopper Music; AireFire Music ©2007) recorded live on TCT-TV, June 14th 2007.


9 Responses to “TCT-TV Video Clip”

  1. YOU GUYS ROCK! Love you both,

    – mooney

  2. Wonderful! Love you both

  3. Thats was absolutely wonderfully beautiful! Luv ya both! you guys are wonderful!

  4. Kathleen Says:

    WOW! So beautiful! Love Ya!

  5. Cameron and Abi Says:

    Great song! still look forward to meeting you in the flesh one of these days!
    Keep up the good work.
    Your friends in Scotland

  6. Mo&Greg Says:

    Wow, Jen you look so beautiful!!! Your voice…so heavenly…cant wait to see you in August!!!
    Much love

  7. Mandy,Joshua&Kristel Says:

    Sounds good guys!!!

  8. wow this was amazing guys!! Jen love that song!!!! love you guys tons!!!!!

  9. of the many video clips that i download, i always watch those that are very funny -.,

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