Fantasy Tour Shaping Up!

The Fantastic 4 Fantasy Tour scheduled for this summer is really shaping up! Publisher’s Weekly and Christian Retailing Magazine both picked up the story; John Cooper at Real Armor of God has graciously donated swords and shields to each author for the tour; and both Barnes & Nobel and Borders are rolling out the red carpet for us with booking dates!

Thanks for your continued prayers as we seek to reach the lost with the message of Jesus!



6 Responses to “Fantasy Tour Shaping Up!”

  1. Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  2. baddogmooney Says:

    Hey man.. can’t wait to catch up. The tour sounds like a riot.

    – mooney

  3. A Riot? It will definitely be that. LOL

  4. I just finished Rise of the Dibor. I am recommending it to everyone. Ironically, I go ahold of a proof that was for sale on Ebay. Can’t wait for The Lion Vrie!!

    God bless!

  5. Christopher, I know you’ve been busy with your travels and probably with tour prep, but I thought I’d give you one more thing to do: I tagged you over at my blog for 8 random facts about yourself. Stop by if you get a chance …


  6. Please let me know when you go, Christopher. I want to prayer partner with you. I’ve already started.

    Don’t ask me why…

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