Pics From EuroTour 2007

Christopher Hopper in Metz 1

Greetings everyone!

We’re all home safe and sound, and still in a bit of “dream land” from the amazing trip. I’m getting caught up on work and e-mails, but in the mean time I wanted to post some pics from 2 of our last concerts in France.

Christopher and Jennifer Hopper in Metz

On Friday a small group of the team traveled to the ancient city of Metz and played in a church, formerly a Synagogue built in the 2nd century (that’s like 168AD folks). We made Joe, our drummer, an impromptu drum set out of a huge kitchen kettle, a tambourine, and chair and three ring binder. The best part is that he played as hard on that as he did on the multi-million dollar stages…a true testament of his attitude.

Jennifer Hopper in Metz Da’ Boys in Metz

Ephraim, our bassist, had to stand on the window sill even thought he was the tallest in the group. And Jenny stole the evening with two of her jazz ballads.

Nathan Clement in Longuyon

Saturday, we closed out the three-day Easter festival, Pâques Impact, in Longuyon. It was about 90 degrees and we were pretty exhausted. But being out last event of the tour, we gave it everything we had.

Ephraim and JH in Longuyon

One of the more memorable moments was spontaneously inviting rap artist Gospel MC to the stage for an off-the-cuff jam session.

CH & Gospel MCFabio Fernandez Longuyon

We also did a drum piece where three drummers (Fabio Fernandez, Joe Gilchrist, and myself) all played the same drum set. When we were done, Jenny asked me, “Now what are you going to do?” I laughed. It brought down the house, to say the least.

The Girls in Longuyon

The amount of ministry that took place over the 10 day tour is far from relateable. I could no more tell all the stories to you than name the stars in the sky. People were saved, touched, baptized, healed, delivered, and filled with the Spirit of God. It was a time we will never forget.

I’ll be posting more pics later, but thought you might enjoy these for now.
Jenny and Luik in Metz

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


JH in Metz


3 Responses to “Pics From EuroTour 2007”

  1. Welcome back, Sir Christopher and fam. Praise God for your safe return.


    Let’s get talkin’ bout the Fantasy 4 Fiction Tour, baby!!


  2. It really was an unforgettable time with all of you. God blessed our country. We’re looking forward to hear from you. Greeting to the hole groupe. We love you.
    Pastor Jurg

  3. Thank you Christopher for you and your team… You are so precious for France! Thank you to the Youthes for working in Paques Impact, you are an example for us.

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