Coming Home

The team just finished our last of 12 ministry events (in 10 days) in Europe during a huge outdoor festival in Longuyon, France this evening. It was the first time in a few hundred years (no kidding) that the Gospel has been preached there in public. We were the closer for the three-day event and the band and drama team did a fabulous job. I couldn’t be more proud.

After helping to tear down all the festival structures, we headed back to Moncel (our home base here), for 5 baptisms just as the sun was setting. It was an incredible way to finish things off.

Everyone is incredibly spent, and exhausted beyond reason. Most are staying up through the night as we depart for Brussels at 3am. We’re leaving 90 degree weather for a snow storm (hoping we get back to NY without too many delays). Needless to say, no one wants to go home.

Thanks for your continued preayers as we hit the home stretch of our journey! I’m good for at least two hours of sleep…




One Response to “Coming Home”

  1. Bekah Gilchrist Says:

    Cried while reading these last few blogs all in one sitting…amazed at you guys and all Jesus has done in the New Life youth group…keep everything up…glad to have you all back closer…

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