The Past Week In France…


Finally got access to a computer today! For all those following the tour, sorry for the long delay.

We have been going nonstop, each night somewhere new. Each place arrive in the Lord has us confronting and breaking principalities in the towns, from spirits of suicide and depression to fear and unforgiveness. I’ve lost track of how many people have been touched and saved. I’m completely exhausted but the work is awesome.

Our team of 20 is marvelous. I seriously couldn’t ask for a better group of people. They are holding up amazingly well. With the extreme lack of sleep, hundreds of miles traveled, and expenditure of energy, I still have yet to hear one bad word spoken or have to confront an issue with any of them. They are working through their problems together and actively looking to grow. I’m honored to have them here and everyone loves them and doesn’t want them to leave.

Been touring through France since Monday. Pouring ourselves out in each meeting. Monday night was a huge concert in Vogelshiem. Tuesday we into Switzerland and then back to France to a town called Colmar. Tuesday night we ministered at a home group meeting with about 35 people present. Wednesday we visited my favorite castle in Alsace and then traveled back north for a meeting in St. Die. Then last night we ministered in Woippy. The team has been very active in ministering to people and leading the way in worship. The are the first to praise God, and the last ones to leave. They have been moving in the prophetic and seeing many miracles, both for themselves and for others.

Tonight starts Pacque Impact, or Easter Impact, a revolutionary new idea for this little town where the church puts on the largest festival EVER for the people, completely free, and brings in 5 top notch, A1 bands for three days. We play on the last day, Sunday. We have musicians arriving, sound technicians, chefs, and more! Its awesome! Today the team has been cleaning the large estate where we are staying, getting ready for the weekend and the huge amount of people that will be staying here with us. Tonight we minister in Metz, and then tomorrow morning we’re having a special ministry time just for our team. Afterward, we’ll all be ministering on the streets during the festival. Church in the morning on Sunday, our last concert Sunday night, then we drive back to Brussels and fly home on Monday.

It’s been a whirl wind tour for everyone, and they all want to come back!

Thank you for all your prayers!



3 Responses to “The Past Week In France…”

  1. (sorry for my english)
    Lot of thanks (to the Lord) to you and your group for your minitry in France. I was blessed at the time of the concert of Monday at Volgelsheim. Thank you to sing in French.
    Come back when you want !
    That God blesses each team-member of your team! Fraternally.
    Pasteur Dominique LACHEUX from Colmar

  2. everlastingscribe Says:

    So awesome to hear that Christ is moving again in France! May He keep you and all your team and your family and theirs as you finish up.

  3. Thanks for your notes, Dom & ES! Love your prayers and enthusiasim! Almost home…


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