Amazing Night in Charleroi

Last night the team and I traveled to southern Belgium, a city named Charleroi. Our host church was as healthy and active a church I’ve ever seen. With over 60 people living on premisis, including singers, painters, musicians, pastors, and more, the campus was a beautiful creation converted from an old steel mill.

Pastor Daniel and Christian welcomed our crew with coach (bus) ride from the train station to the church grounds. (Everyone enjoyed their first European train ride immensly!). Their hospitality was overwhelming and they made us feel right at home.

During the all-day outreach to the city, we saw the church’s heart towards the children dispalyed as the afternoon hours were filled with giant blow-up games and a full stage performance of Sesame Street style actors in costume.

Then their teen group ministered through dance and music, complete with a steel drum intro, and a hand clapping, dance beat out-tro!

When our time finally came, the musicians took the stage, diving in with a dynamic French translation of “You Are Good.” By the end of the second song, everyone was dancing, shouting, and praising God, and I was dripping with sweat…always a good sign.

The whole team was well receieved and we had a lot of spontaneous fun, including a special guest appearance from one of Holland’s top drummers, and my dear friend, Greg Pantophlet. He sat in for one song and also jumped on the stell drums with me for an inpromtu drum duet.

Joe Gilchrist really nailed the drums and Ephriam BBurt held down the low end on the bass with great passion. But mad props go to Jason Rodgers who really came out of his shell with one of the most amazing guitar solos I’ve seen in a while. People were cheering before he was even halfway through!

The 33 Live Drama Team took the stage next and did a powerful skit illustrating

When we were finished, I shared on Rev. 3 about being lukewarm, and the need to be hot for God. Then as people filled the altar area, Jennifer ministered on the keyboard. 40 teens and 5 adults came forward and gave their hearts to Jesus! It was one of the largest altar calls I’ve ever seen in Belgium.


3 Responses to “Amazing Night in Charleroi”

  1. 45 saved…wow, dude, that is incredible. Ride the fire, mannn. He is able…more than able…

    PS: Wish I’d heard that guitar solo.

  2. This news is sooo fantastic B & J! We keep praying for you and your team – wow! Kiss Luik for us! In SYR on our way to JFK for business seminar. Love and miss you all and keep praying for you. Hilly ran into Ali K. in Jerusalem = a God moment for sure! We are so proud of ALL of you! Please give our love all the Feranadez’s!

  3. David Seaman Says:

    Did I mention that I was jealous? Ahhhhhh. I know that the Lord is using everyone mightly! Please give my love to all!

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