EuroTour 2007 Dates


Here are the EuroTour 2007 dates for us and our team. We’ll be leaving this Thursday morning and we greatly covet your prayers!

Thanks for making note of them!


– – –

04.06 – Friday night meeting in Brussel
04.07 – Saturday night meeting in Brussel
04.08 – Sunday service in Brussel
04.08 – Sunday afternoon travel to Neufbrisach, France (Alsace Region)
04.09 – Monday afternoon meeting in Neufbrisach
04.10 – Tuesday explore Alsace
04.11 – Wednesday evening meeting in St Dié; after the meeting we go to Longuyon
04.12 – Thursday evening meeting in Woippy
04.13 – Friday evening begins Pâques Impact; help to prepare everything
04.14 – Saturday all day Pâques Impact
04.15 – Sunday service in Longwy
04.15 – Sunday afternoon concert in Longuyon
04.16 – Depart for Brussel; back to US


6 Responses to “EuroTour 2007 Dates”

  1. Jeff Krajna Says:

    Our prayers go with you and your team, may the Lord bless and keep each and everyone of you. Have a great time; I wish I was going with you all. Be blessed……Much Love…..

  2. Glenn Olmstead Says:

    Wow, what an awesome opportunity!!! Our prayers will be with you and your team! God Bless!

  3. Hey guys,

    Our internet is down for some reason, but we would love to come and visit you guys again!
    We can come saturday morning until sunday afternoon. Were are you guys staying?

    Much love,
    Mo & Greg P.

  4. Christian Says:

    Just to say the concert of 04.08 Saterday night is not in Brussels but in Charleroi (Monceau-sur-Sambre), 65 km south of Brussels.
    And there is a service on 04.09 Sunday afternoon at 3 pm in Charleroi (Dampremy).
    infos +32.479.789.377 Pastor Christian Deboodt.

  5. Christian Says:

    Sorry, let’s say it again.
    The concert in Charleroi (Monceau) is on 04.07 Saterday night at 18.30 and there is also a service on 04.08 Sunday afternoon in Charleroi (Dampremy) at 3 p.m.
    Hi Greg and Mo, you’re welcome.
    We met last year when we organized the concert in Charleroi (Gosselies).
    Christian D.

  6. Godspeed and safety, Christopher and fam!

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