Greetings everyone!

I have some huge news that I’ve been biting my tongue about for the last six months. But with any big news, there are a lot of things to get in order before you can say anything.

So, without any further ado, it’s my honor to announce the world’s first Christian Fantasy/Fiction Author Tour, aptly named the “Fantastic 4 Fantasy Book Tour.”

OK…so what’s that? Let me explain.

Late last year, Wayne Thomas Batson and I had a crazy idea (but from fiction authors, what’s new?):

Stick a handful of Christian Fantasy authors from all different publishers in one van and tour the East Coast of the US.

We then approached three other fantasy author acquaintances, Bryan Davis, Donita K. Paul, and Sharon Hinck, and pitched the idea. They all replied with an ecstatic “Yes!” as did their publishers.

The FFT was born.

(Donita will hopefully be with the tour next year, as she had to pull out last minute).

We’ll be hitting 12 cities in 7 states along the East Coast this July. For more information, and to stay updated with news from the road, please check out the Fantasy Fiction Tour website.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!



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