03.24.07 Book Trailer™ Filming Re-Cap

Saturday’s filming of The Lion Vrie Book Trailer™ was a marvelous success. With five cameras running (one steady cam, two on foot, one in the helicopter, and one dedicated to “the making of”), plus three photographers, we got more than enough footage.

The weather looked as though it would cooperate, but the forecasted “sunshine and 53 degrees” never manifested. However, the overcast skies and slight drizzle made for perfect filming conditions, especially those depicting Dionia’s state in Book II.

Over 50 people came out for the shoot, and I can’t remember hearing a single complaint all day. From those who did make-up and costumes, to the prop master, to the mom’s that cooked chili, I couldn’t have been more pleased by the group effort put forth by everyone. The tremendous “team feel” of the whole day allowed David Seaman (Re-Vive Ministries) and I, along with the rest of the film crew, to get the absolute best shots possible. Big thanks go to camera men Steve & Nate & Carlton Yelle, Tony Hayner, and helicopter pilot Doug Johnston.

The Watertown Daily Times sent out a team to cover the story, and they did a wonderful piece that made the front page of the local section in Sunday’s paper! The article and photographs are a small tribute to the incredible group of people that made it all possible.

After relating much of the shoot to my publisher last night, Tsaba House extends it’s “heartfelt thanks” to all those that participated.

We are fervently putting the trailer together this week, preparing for the April 1st launch of our new readers club (Tribe Grandath). The team is busy composing music, editing, and adding special effects to make this the most extraordinary Book Trailer™ to date. The final product will be available (in numerous lengths) on my website, YouTube.com, and seen in various theaters across the country this summer.

For now, I’ve uploaded more pix to our Flickr site for you to enjoy (on the right side of my blog). These photos are courtesy of the amazingly talented Dudley Danielson, Clayton, NY. You can also download a jpeg of the article from the Watertown Daily Times by clicking below.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


WDT Banner
WDT Article
WDT Article Con’t
WDT Pic 1
WDT Pic 2


4 Responses to “03.24.07 Book Trailer™ Filming Re-Cap”

  1. Teresa Slack Says:

    Congrats Christopher!
    Glad that the weather cooperated with filming. I know you’ve worked so hard on this and you deserve every success. May God bless you and your endeavors.


  2. Way cool!! Unfortanately we don’t buy the paper!!!! 😦

  3. I missed it again. Looks great though. Thanks to the Watertown Times for covering it. “The Dragon Vrie”? they need a better editor. details, details.

    Love you man,

    – mooney

  4. Matt House Says:

    SWEET!! I’m right in the front! Oh my goodness, that was AWESOME- I had a blast! I can’t wait for next time. All my friends at school are like ‘ I saw you in the paper wearing wied clothes’. I was like- ‘Yeah, and I’m gonna be in theaters, too!!’ It was great!

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