CSFF: I hate comparing, but…

Randy Ingermanson

Being a musician long before I was a novelist, I’m very used to people saying things like, “You know, you are like a cross between Dave Matthews, Sting, and U2, only like a Christian version, man.”

Gee. Thanks.

Is that supposed to be a compliment?

Well, over the years, I’ve learned that it is, because humans in general typically judge the “new” by their experience with “the old.” And if they can find enough of “the old” to justify a comparison, then a true compliment is born. Though I know most artists have a hard time with that.


Because we want to be original, to be the first me, rather than the next best them. And that day may come for me. I may get some grandiose vision and present it in such a way that the world staggers in awe.  Kind of like how my horses feel when I give them grain after a -40 degree northern NY night…

Wow! Grrrrain!

I’m completely digressing here. So sorry, Randy.

My whole point is that as I spent some more time browsing through Randy Ingermanson’s sight, I actually started to get excited! I know that sounds bad, like I don’t while looking at other author’s sites, but this was a genuine feeling of, “Wow, I think I need to buy a few of these books!”

And why so excited? Because after reading his amazing bio where he talks about things like reducing the Schwinger-Dyson equations for the effective action to a self-consistent expansion, and measuring the Wess-Zumino effective action (no clue; but it sounds cool!), he starts talking about his Christian faith.

But it gets better.

You start reading the synopsis’s of his book titles (of which I count 7!) and realize, “Hey, this guy is a like Michael Crichton meets Isaac Asimov, only Christian!”

And while I feel terrible in saying so, almost like I’m doing a disservice to the creative genius in this guy, I genuinely mean it; I really respect both of those authors for their love of science and yet their creative abilities at weaving a good yarn.

Only this guy loves Jesus, and accordingly, probably has a Judeo-Christian ethic behind it, something  that would set his work far above Asimov’s and Crichton’s, at least in my mind.

If you like what I term “relevant sci-fi,” I think Ingermanson is the author for you.

Or, better put…


Thanks for spending some time with me today,



6 Responses to “CSFF: I hate comparing, but…”

  1. Dragon Lady Says:

    Horses are great for encouragement and thanks, aren’t they? Especially when it comes to their grain. 🙂


  2. Thanks, Christopher! I appreciate your comments. Yes, I’m a Christian and a scientist. I live on that pesky faith/science divide that is suppose to be so hard to do, and the view is fine from where I stand.

    You’ll be amused to know that in the last few weeks, I’ve been working hard to help analyze the truth behind that alleged “Jesus family tomb”. I wrote an article a few weeks ago on my web site that has drawn a huge amount of attention in the New Testament studies and archaeology blogosphere. I don’t know if I can include links here on your blog, so I’ll not. If interested, just Google the phrase “Jesus family tomb equation”.

    One of my goals in writing is to help others who live on the faith/science divide. Years ago, after writing Oxygen with my buddy John Olson, we got an email from a scientist at a major university who told us how lonely it is sometimes to be a Christian there. And our book put a little light in her life. That was a great letter. It made both John and me feel we’d earned our keep for the year as writers.

    Best regards,

  3. Randy, I am now a HUGE fan of yours. I wish their were more folks out there defending the faith with their minds and science.

  4. Randy,

    Please do post your links. Thanks for asking. I’m sure readers would love to know more.


    Just this morning my horses broke through some fence and attacked their hay stash. At first I was pretty ticked. But then I was reminded of my post two days ago, and then your comment yesterday, and I just couldn’t be mad at them. I took an hour to clean everything up and redo the fence and felt somehow refreshed and ready for the day. Funny how that happens!


  5. Here’s the link: http://www.ingermanson.com/jesus/art/stats.php


    You’re very right on with the comparisons. I think the thing I like most about Randy’s writing is that the only thing I see is the story. I don’t see him at all. The writer completely disapears and all that’s left is the oblivion of adventure. 😀

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