5 Days Away

We’re just five days away from the filming of the epic battle scenes for The Lion Vrie Book Trailer™ in Chaumont, NY. We’re hearing from people from all over NY state, the record currently being held by a father and son driving all the way from Niagara Falls, over 300 miles away!

I also just heard from good friend and filmographer, David Seaman, that he’ll be joining us for the shoot, coming up from Rochester. We’ll be meeting everyday starting Wednesday to block each shot and prep the set.

Costumes are being prepared, and horses are being readied for this amazing day! Make sure to tell any of your friends and family that may be interested. Read last week’s post (below) for all the details.

Also, we’re preparing to unveil a brand new site for our Readers Club on April 1st. You’ll be able earn points and win exclusive prizes, all because you like to read!



One Response to “5 Days Away”

  1. The Dibor take to the battlefield, ready to again stand against the vile forces of Morgui. Unsure of what awaits them they advance with a courage and boldness that could only come from the Maker Himself.

    I can’t wait!!!!

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