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The Lion Vrie Book Trailer™ Is Here!

Posted in Book Trailers™ on March 30, 2007 by christopherhopper

Hey everyone!

The highly anticipated arrival of The Lion Vrie Book Trailer™ is at hand! After a few non-stop days, lots of missed meals, and more than one program crash, the post-production team has delivered what I think is a stunning glimpse into the perilous state of Dionia as we find it in Book II of The White Lion Chronicles.

Under the watchful eye of my assistant Producer and Director, David Seaman of Re-Vive, the Book Trailer™ is masterfully cut and assembled into exactly what I wanted: “Wow. I gotta’ read that book!” And the more people we play it for here in the office, the more my ears ring with those exact words.

To play the trailer, simply click on the vod:pod window beside this post. All the credits are below. And if you were there and don’t see your name, please let us know.

You can also view the trailer on YouTube.

The trailer will also be appearing at Creation 2007 in PA, and in select movie theaters across the US. We’ll keep you up to date on all those showings as we know more.

On behalf of Tsaba House, Grandath Films, Re-Vive, Quest Productions, AireFire Music, and COS Productions, thank you for all your support, for spreading the word about the Book Trailer™, and for buying the books.

Just as a reminder, we’ll be giving away a free book each week starting next week, running all the way to June 15th. For details on how you can join our Reader’s Club, please visit Tribe Grandath.

Thanks for spending some time with me today,


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The Lion Vrie Book Trailer™

Tsaba House Publishing Company presents, a Grandath Films Book Trailer™, in association with Re-Vive, Quest Productions, AireFire Music and COS Productions

Produced and Directed by Christopher Hopper and David Seaman

Music by Christopher Hopper

Cast – Noel Mattingly, Phillip Thomas, John Brennan, Jeff Krajna, Ben Gilchrist, Ian Krajna, Cole Shauger, Dan Giles, Matt House, Christian Burt, Tom Brennan, David Woodkirk, Ephraim Burt, Franklin Powell, Joseph Peterson, Esther Bovier, Daniel Allen, Tyler Mangum, Hillary Bovier, Brent Desormo, Jennifer Hopper, Manasseh Burt, Jason Rodgers

Camera Operators – David Seaman, Steve Yelle, Christopher Hopper, Carlton Yelle, Tony Hayner
Ariel Camera Operator – Nate Yelle
Photography – Dudley Danielson, Hannah Hayner

Edited and Assembled by David Seaman

Prop Master – Tony Hayner
Equestrian Coordinator – Jennifer Hopper
Helicopter Pilot – Doug Johnston
Grip – Nathan Clement
Makeup – Anna Fahey, Emily Fahey
Personal Assistant to Christopher Hopper – Rachel Jenks
Personal Assistant to Jennifer Hopper – Lora Mattingly

Catering – Maureen Bovier, Amy Parker, Mrs. House

Reporter – Robert, Watertown Daily Times
Photographer – Colleen White, Watertown Daily Times

Filmed On Location in Chaumont, NY USA
Music Recorded at Grandath Films/AireFire Studios B, Depauville, NY USA

Special Thanks To – Safari Helicopter Services, Matt & Amy Parker

Soundtrack available exclusively on iTunes (coming soon!)

© 2007 Christopher Hopper / Tsaba House / Grandath Films – PO Box 235 Depauville, NY 13632 – All Rights Reserved. The Lion Vrie Book Trailer™ licensed for free distribution on the internet and movie theatres. Not for retail sale. Created in the USA. Book Trailer™ is a Trademark of COS Productions.


03.24.07 Book Trailer™ Filming Re-Cap

Posted in Book Trailers™ on March 26, 2007 by christopherhopper

Saturday’s filming of The Lion Vrie Book Trailer™ was a marvelous success. With five cameras running (one steady cam, two on foot, one in the helicopter, and one dedicated to “the making of”), plus three photographers, we got more than enough footage.

The weather looked as though it would cooperate, but the forecasted “sunshine and 53 degrees” never manifested. However, the overcast skies and slight drizzle made for perfect filming conditions, especially those depicting Dionia’s state in Book II.

Over 50 people came out for the shoot, and I can’t remember hearing a single complaint all day. From those who did make-up and costumes, to the prop master, to the mom’s that cooked chili, I couldn’t have been more pleased by the group effort put forth by everyone. The tremendous “team feel” of the whole day allowed David Seaman (Re-Vive Ministries) and I, along with the rest of the film crew, to get the absolute best shots possible. Big thanks go to camera men Steve & Nate & Carlton Yelle, Tony Hayner, and helicopter pilot Doug Johnston.

The Watertown Daily Times sent out a team to cover the story, and they did a wonderful piece that made the front page of the local section in Sunday’s paper! The article and photographs are a small tribute to the incredible group of people that made it all possible.

After relating much of the shoot to my publisher last night, Tsaba House extends it’s “heartfelt thanks” to all those that participated.

We are fervently putting the trailer together this week, preparing for the April 1st launch of our new readers club (Tribe Grandath). The team is busy composing music, editing, and adding special effects to make this the most extraordinary Book Trailer™ to date. The final product will be available (in numerous lengths) on my website,, and seen in various theaters across the country this summer.

For now, I’ve uploaded more pix to our Flickr site for you to enjoy (on the right side of my blog). These photos are courtesy of the amazingly talented Dudley Danielson, Clayton, NY. You can also download a jpeg of the article from the Watertown Daily Times by clicking below.

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


WDT Banner
WDT Article
WDT Article Con’t
WDT Pic 1
WDT Pic 2

Battle Scenes Done!

Posted in Book Trailers™ on March 24, 2007 by christopherhopper

Greetings Dionians!

We just got in from an amazing day filming The Lion Vrie Book Trailer™. All cast and crew are exhausted, but totally pumped. The production teams at Grandath Films and Re-Vive are working overtime to edit the footage in time for the April 1st launch of Tribe Grandath.

For now, here are a few photos to tantalize you!



David Seaman and Christopher HopperJohn BrennanJeff KrajnaTom Brennan

Bryan Davis

Posted in Community, On Writing on March 22, 2007 by christopherhopper

If you are an artist of any kind, you need to check out Bryan Davis’ address before the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference at, channel 21.


The Lion Vrie Book Trailer™ Episode 1

Posted in Book Trailers™ on March 22, 2007 by christopherhopper

The Lion Vrie Book Trailer™ Episode 1 is now available on YouTube! Please check it out and let us know what you think.


CSFF: I hate comparing, but…

Posted in Community, On Writing on March 20, 2007 by christopherhopper

Randy Ingermanson

Being a musician long before I was a novelist, I’m very used to people saying things like, “You know, you are like a cross between Dave Matthews, Sting, and U2, only like a Christian version, man.”

Gee. Thanks.

Is that supposed to be a compliment?

Well, over the years, I’ve learned that it is, because humans in general typically judge the “new” by their experience with “the old.” And if they can find enough of “the old” to justify a comparison, then a true compliment is born. Though I know most artists have a hard time with that.


Because we want to be original, to be the first me, rather than the next best them. And that day may come for me. I may get some grandiose vision and present it in such a way that the world staggers in awe.  Kind of like how my horses feel when I give them grain after a -40 degree northern NY night…

Wow! Grrrrain!

I’m completely digressing here. So sorry, Randy.

My whole point is that as I spent some more time browsing through Randy Ingermanson’s sight, I actually started to get excited! I know that sounds bad, like I don’t while looking at other author’s sites, but this was a genuine feeling of, “Wow, I think I need to buy a few of these books!”

And why so excited? Because after reading his amazing bio where he talks about things like reducing the Schwinger-Dyson equations for the effective action to a self-consistent expansion, and measuring the Wess-Zumino effective action (no clue; but it sounds cool!), he starts talking about his Christian faith.

But it gets better.

You start reading the synopsis’s of his book titles (of which I count 7!) and realize, “Hey, this guy is a like Michael Crichton meets Isaac Asimov, only Christian!”

And while I feel terrible in saying so, almost like I’m doing a disservice to the creative genius in this guy, I genuinely mean it; I really respect both of those authors for their love of science and yet their creative abilities at weaving a good yarn.

Only this guy loves Jesus, and accordingly, probably has a Judeo-Christian ethic behind it, something  that would set his work far above Asimov’s and Crichton’s, at least in my mind.

If you like what I term “relevant sci-fi,” I think Ingermanson is the author for you.

Or, better put…


Thanks for spending some time with me today,


TWLC MySpace

Posted in Community, Contests on March 19, 2007 by christopherhopper

My Readers Club (Tribe Grandath) president, Hillary, has just created a new MySpace site for The White Lion Chronicles. It’s part of a new campaign that we’re unveiling April 1st (no foolin!). We thought we’d give you a sneak peak before then! Enjoy!