With Regard to Excellence



3 Responses to “With Regard to Excellence”

  1. Like a dense fog encroaching upon the vision of a lookout dulling their perceptions, so your silence encroaches upon our minds. We have been rendered a starving mass desperate for inspiration, for perhaps just a scrap from the table of one far wiser than us. Yet all we find is silence….deafening silence!
    Why have you toyed with us? Why have you lured us into this world of creativity only to bring it to a cruel end with nary a warning of the silence that would engulf us? We have been left to grope about, waiting…hoping for the dawn. We are pleading for the moment the sun sneaks above the horizon and the fog flees with the dawning of the day, the reemergence of the creative breathe of life you have so eloquently breathed into us in the previous posts.

    Hey, just wanted to let you know I was starting to get hooked on your post. Maybe you could post again?

  2. I dunno what he’s talking about… but I’m DYING for a new post!

  3. Dear Lord…what have I done? It makes me feel as thought I strickened Europe with the Bubonic Plague!

    Hold on…


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