If The Map Ends… (CSFF Blog Tour)


If the map ends, how do we pick up the trail? More importantly, who is going to help us? How do we get back on track, or even find the track for that matter?

Fortunately, this cool guy Jeff Gerke is here to help. Because my post yesterday was more about me than him, and I’m not sure how many readers actually made it to the bottom of my lengthy post to find his link, I thought I’d try and make all the links to both his personal author site as well as his resource site available to you towards the top of today’s post in such a way that you couldn’t miss them no matter how hard you tried by either clicking here or here and being taken to one of his two great sites in the hopes that it may help you or encourage you depending upon which link you click on, for if you click on this one, you may just get both.

Although he is not a part of the CSFF Blog Tour, I did want to highlight one of the comments left on my site today by Jason Clement. The writer is a dear friend of mine as well as one of the most creative people I know, bar none. And while his comment relates to the web-design end of things, it is very much in line with this month’s theme of Christians leading the way and not following. The comment (below) points out that it’s not just in music or writing that we’re lagging, but even in technology. Again, my point here is not to point a finger and keep it pointed, but to take account of our current state and then look to improve, so much so that we’re no longer trailing behind, but leading.

The Church as a whole is poised like never before to lead, to take over, and to set precedent. If I didn’t believe in Her, I’d stop writing. And I’m sure you wouldn’t be reading this. She is beautiful and glorious. And She is of God’s design, not mine. Plus, He’s madly in love with Her; that’s why He’s i back. So if I criticize Her, I criticize Him. I have no problem going through a self-examination process (which is what I consider this month to be) in the hopes of making Her (us) more lovely and effective; but I am quite tired of people throwing stones at the Church.

Stop it! May God convict us all.

If the Church is so ugly to you, maybe you’re the pimple keeping Her from getting noticed. Get healed or get concealed, because we have a world to save. If not, get popped because you’re too valuable to be toting around so much puss.


(Don’t be a pimple!)


– – –

  1. Jason Clement Says:
    February 20th, 2007 at 3:27 pm eGreat post! I’ve always been annoyed by the CCM artists sounding very much like secular artists, especially when they are marketed that way…“If you like the Dave Matthews Band, then you’ll love…”

    This brings up my argument on whether or not there should be a “Christian” label for the arts… when there isn’t for anything else. You don’t see a “Christian plumber” or “Christian news anchor” unless you count the “W.W.J.D.” bumper sticker on the plumbers’ van, or the “Jesus-fish” pin on the news anchors coat. Dunno, I could be wrong.

    I guess I don’t see the lack of quality in “Christian” writing, but I also don’t read as much anymore as I should. I do see evidence of the quality issues in my field. The best way I can sum this up is with the mission statement from the gang at Godbit Project.

    The purpose of this site is to help the Church catch up with the rest of the world in adherance to standards given by the World Wide Web Consortium, the governing body of best-practices on the Internet. The majority of Christian web design agencies are using outmoded methods of coding to create websites that the rest of the world would scoff at. Basically, they are stuck in the 1990’s.

    This is so common in fact, that the term “Christian” when associated with the Internet has become synonymous with “sub-par.”

    The good news is that we are starting to make some progress. There are some church web sites starting to show up in design showcases and being recognized for their quality. I have to keep pushing myself to do my part… to press on… to set an everlasting precedent for the world to follow, one that points to the greatness and majesty of the Heavenly Father.

    Check out http://godlycreatives.com/ for some people using “God’s Gifts for His Glory”


8 Responses to “If The Map Ends… (CSFF Blog Tour)”

  1. You crack me up.

    Thanks for all the links!


  2. Wow! Lots here, Christopher.

    First, I’ve been discussing this whole issue of Christian writers and publishing endeavors needing to lead. The idea that we only do what has proved “successful” is a distressing situation to me. Not sure what the answer is.

    Second, there are LOTS of “Christian” this and that–radio, schools, TV, news outlets, music, etc–to the point that some claim Christians are ghetto-izing themselves, pulling away from the world in an effort to be unspotted by the world. It’s an interesting perspective.

    Third, I too have railed against church folk throwing stones at the church. Uh, self-flagellation doesn’t seem like the way to go. But a pimple? Hahah–that’s a good one, however gross the analogy.

    Thought-provoking post all around.

    Oh, Christopher, in your participants’ links, would you please add Nicole. Thanks.


  3. If we become pimples, does God become Stridex? :-0

  4. Christopher,

    Nice post with lost of rich comments on Where The Map Ends. Good job. Your blog is very interesting.


    Janey http://www.orphansfirst.org

  5. Another great post Christopher – what a blessing to the tour.

  6. […] out why it’s important not to be a pussy pimple on God’s church over on Christoper Hopper’s […]

  7. There’s so much on this site to browse.

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