Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour

CSSF Blog Tour

Thought I’d pass along this wonderful new site I’m a part of called the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour. Tina, Becky, and the host of others that are making this “Christian worldview of fiction” a huge success deserve much praise. I’m thoroughly impressed by their heart for networking the Body of Christ in the realm of modern-day parables.You’ll be hearing more from me on this shortly as they prepare to debut yet another wonderful author. In the mean time, please check out these fantastic authors at your leisure.


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2 Responses to “Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour”

  1. Thank you for the post Christopher! I wanted to let you know that I’ve added your name to the Supporters page on the CSFF web site. You can find it here:

    Also wanted to let you know that when the Latest In Spec newsletter went out on Monday yours was bounced back to me – said your mail quota was exceeded or full.


  2. Thanks Tina!

    I had 900 new messages (what happens when I’m away for a week), but everything is cleared up now.

    I have claimed with Technorati, so please use that one instead of the


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