Like those who have gone before us…

In the lineage of the Tolkien and Lewis, their lies a tradition, a lost art if you will, of  great minds and men meeting together.

I hardly consider myself on the “great” scale, but certainly the need for Christians on any level to share, discuss, and mutually inspire one another is required now more than ever.

If they had “The Eagle and Child,” Wayne Thomas Batson and I have “The Banshee.”

The Banshee

Waking to a beautiful sunny sky in Scranton, PA this brisk Saturday morning, I find myself sitting in the historic Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel with my laptop. This weekend is part of a long awaited, highly anticipated “Writer’s Bootcamp,” to get away and write, and share those ideas with my friend Wayne. Scranton lies halfway between our two home towns, and The Banshee is the most authentic and highly recommened “old world” pub we could find in the city. (Boy, is it ever awesome!).

As most writers do (at least I would imagine), Wayne and I wonder what it would have been like to sit in that famous pub and listen to Lewis and Tolkien talk. This is our feeble attempt to do the same, and possibly make our own history, for whatever it’s worth.

Already through our first day, the time has been innvaluably rich. We spent the first few hours sharing about our walks with the Lord, as well as catching one another up on our current writings. We returned to our hotel room, asked for another desk (which the staff was only to happy to provide. It’s the first time I ever had a manager call up just to check in on us and make sure we were OK…sheesh!), and then got to writing; Wayne working on development for a big upcoing project (shhhh!), and I working on the third instalment of The White Lion Chronicles.

This weekend serves as a much needed break, a respite, to gather my thoughts and take a breath from life’s normal pace. To bounce ideas and musing off a fellow warrior in Christ, and one who happenes to be a very talented author, is an experiance in itself.

To anyone out there thinking, “Huh, that’s a cool idea,” yes, it is.

More on Wayne and his amazing writings coming soon! (For now, check out:




One Response to “Like those who have gone before us…”

  1. Incredible weekend, Sir Christopher. The writing was great (he says’s with long rolling Irish “R”) and The Banshee was a little slice of Hobbiton.

    PS: I still think you should have tried the Jamaican Jerk Sauce on your chicken sandwich. LOL

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