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CONTEST: Be a Character In Book III of The White Lion Chronicles!

Posted in Contests on January 22, 2007 by christopherhopper

Dear Reading Fans of Dionia,

I am so excited to announce the very first of many contests for 2007. And this one is certainly a rockin’ way to kick things off, even if I do say so myself! With enthusiastic permission from my publisher, Tsaba House, I will be writing a small part in Book III based entirely off the characteristics of one of my talented readers. And it could be you!

Applicants of any age are eligible and there is no purchase necessary to enter (accept that maybe you own one of my books!).

Here’s the mission:

We are looking for the best review on the web of Rise of The Dibor. That’s right, this is a test of talent, creativity, and genuine heartfelt love for Dionia.

To be eligible, you need to, 1.) post a review of Rise of The Dibor under the product as listed on*, and then, 2.) paste the same review on the Tsaba House Authors Blog* as a “comment” under this post named, “CONTEST: Be a Character In Book III of The White Lion Chronicles!”

(*Please Note: you’ll need to be a registered user and a registered WordPress user. Signing up for both is free, and you don’t ever need use either service, just get a user name to post. Only one review per e-mail address/user name is permitted, so make sure it’s good! If you have previously posted on either site before January 1st 2007, you may still enter again).

The Tsaba House Authors will review each submission and then pick what they feel are the top three posts submitted. Their criteria for judging will include: general knowledge of the book, descriptive clarity, ingenuity, and creativity, the positive light in which the book is portrayed, writing style, and effectively communicating your points.

The first place winner will be called by phone for an interview by me personally, the information gathered being used for a character role as decided upon by myself and Tsaba House in Book III, due out June of 2008, an autographed first edition of the final work, and a rare autographed Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) of Book II (released nationwide June 2007); the second place winner will receive an autographed ARC of Book II; and the third place winner will receive an autographed poster.

Your character will receive an original Dionian name and be based off of your persona to the best of my ability.**

Reviews must be posted on and by midnight Saturday, February 10th 2007. Winners will be decided and announced on Tuesday, Febrary 13th 2007. All winning contestants will be notified by the e-mail address used to post their reviews on If the winning contestants do not respond within 24 hours, their prize will pass to the next available winner.

So, there it is! You now have three weeks to write the best review you can muster up, post it to both websites, and then sit back and let your creative genius win our beloved judging authors over. Remember you must post the review to both and to be eligible.

I look forward to reading your reviews! Happy writing!

(PS – Try passing this on to your friends…unless you’re afraid of the competition!)

– – –

**Legal Notice: The author and publishing company reserve the right for the final presentation and use of the winning character role; no monies or royalties, mechanical or otherwise, will be awarded to the winner. By posting reviews as prescribed above, each participant hereby agrees to these conditions and any other that the author and publisher wish to set forth and enforce at any time.


Elim Youth Leaders Summit

Posted in Ministry on January 21, 2007 by christopherhopper


Just returned from a powerful time at Elim in Lima, NY for a Youth Leaders Summit with 30 of my youth leaders from 33 Live. Feel free to read more at our blog.


Luik & Daddy

Posted in Family on January 19, 2007 by christopherhopper

Luik & Daddy

Just thought I’d ost this pic of me and the little man.



Posted in Music on January 19, 2007 by christopherhopper

Hopper iTunes

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Hopper’s have finally hit iTunes. All of my albums as well as Jennifer’s new one are all offered on the well known music site. Our contract also has our music on over 250 other web-based music sites as well, including Napster, Yahoo eMusic, and many more.

Been a long time coming, but we’re very excited to offer you this cool option.

Happy downloading!


Luik Christopher

Posted in Family on January 12, 2007 by christopherhopper

Just Chillin’

Luik Christopher was bron December 10th 2006 at 11:55pm. He weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz. He is constantly hungry and now 11.5 lbs after his first month. We are so excited to have him as a part of our little clan! Kids are the best! Thanks for all your prayers!


It’s New!

Posted in General on January 10, 2007 by christopherhopper

…and improved? Definitely. I’ve permanatly relocated my blog here to WordPress as I just like the features better, and I don’t get kicked out nearly as much because of their “server being down.”

Please visit often, even click on the RSS Feed button to keep the excitement coming right to your desktop automatically.

Thanks for bookmarking this site!