Book Signings & Denver

Hello Friends,

So far late June and all of July has been a whirlwind of activity! Here goes…

The first month of sales for Dibor has been amazing and far more than expected. I’ve truly been overwhelmed by the support and feedback from friends all over the country buying the book. Now if I could only get them all to post on the web board! >grin
Special congratulations goes to the graduating class of 2006 of the Christian Academy of Western New York in Lockport.I was so proud to be your commencement speaker. Thank you for the honor and the privilege it was to impart just a little into your lives.

July 9th through 12th Jennifer and I flew to Denver, CO to attend the annual Christian Booksellers Association national convention. What a great trip that was! We had the pleasure of meeting our publishing company’s (Tsaba House) staff and fellow Tsaba House authors for the first time. That was such a joy! We also were able to connect with some of our favorite authors and get some autographs and pics for our friends back home. It was quite an experience to be relating to authors on an “author-to-author” level and not merely and “fan-to-author” one. My book signings on the convention floor and at the Barnes&Nobel on 16th St. in Denver were a hoot.

This week I’ll be flying to France for the Radikal for Jesus youth conference (July 20th thru the 25th) held at Moncel in Longuyon. Thanks for your prayers as Jenny and Eva will be staying behind for the first time which makes this trip extra hard.

Thanks for reading! Blessings!

– – –

Pics in order:

1.) CH & Linda Bartlett at Pittsford Community Library, Pittsford, NY (07.05.06)
2.) Book signing on the CBA convention floor 10am Tuesday in Denver (07.11.06)
3.) Author Wayne Batson (
4.) CH, JH, and our Aunt Becky Nesbitt, head of Fiction for Tyndale
5.) CH and JH with dear friend Doug Gresham
6.) CH & author Angela Hunt
7.) Author Bryan Davis (
8.) Author Donita K. Paul (
9.) CH and author Ted Dekker (


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