Back In NY

Greetings everyone!

First news first: Jenny and I would like to announce the soon and coming arrival of “H2,” or for those of you not familiar with our family lingo, “Baby #2!”

Jennifer, Eva and I made it safely home last Monday and are thoroughly enjoying our own beds and showers and food. We missed our home church terribly and are overjoyed to be with our teens again at youth group.

Ireland was spectacular and a welcomed change of pace. We normally don’t have much time to ever sight see when in Europe; contrary to popular belief we are NOT on vacation when we go. As a matter of fact, we need a vacation when we come home! We go to pour out and give ourselves away.

The Green Isle was full of beauty and castle ruins which we loved. Although I must say it was also full of housing developments as the country is exploding with people and jobs. We are very grateful to Philly and Martha Matthews, our uncle and aunt, and all six cousins for their hospitality and love.

Also to friends Doug and Merrie Gresham for lunch on Wednesday.

After Ireland, our time in Europe finished up in Belgium for a weekend of concerts. We were joined by our Dutch contingent of musicians (thanks Greg, Quincel and Moe!) which spiced things up a lot. Friday night we played at Bret Phagan’s church in downtown Brussels to a packed house. Things got exciting when the breakers blew and we continued singing “On A Le Feu” a’capella. The lights and sound system eventually came back on and the time of ministry was powerful. Saturday and Sunday we played in Charleroi Airport Hotel for an evangelistic crusade where a few hundred people packed out the ball room. Many people got saved and healed over the two days and it was a joy to be asked to share. We gave the last bit we had and literally passed out in the plane the next day. The people of Belgium received us with open arms and we are so grateful for their love and hospitality. Merci Christian, David, Brett, Dan, Valerie et tous!

This past weekend my sister-in-law, Amber, made a surprise appearance at church here in Depauville. Her dad, John, preached both services and the Lord’s power was very strong. Two whole families got saved and many more were prayed over for healing. It was the best resurrection Sunday ever in my book! Hallelujah!

Thanks again for all your prayers! Stay tuned…



One Response to “Back In NY”

  1. It is All About Jesus Says:

    Hey Christopher! Stumbled across your blog. Glad to hear all is well and congrats on the newest addition . I have a blog, check it out!
    God Bless!
    Becky ( Jim and Sherry’s daughter )

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