In Dublin!

Howdy everyone!

Yes, Eva is feeling much better. Thank you for all your prayers. She just slept her first night through without crying on the trip last night. Praise Jesus! And she went from looking like this…(note the red rash if you can see it)…

…to this…

Here in Ireland now, sitting on a couch at our relative’s house about 15 miles east of Dublin. Been a wonderful time here on the Green Isle thus far with many walks and three castles seen! I’ve definitely been waiting a long time to see this place and it’s a major blessing! I feel all my Irish blood flowing!

Tuesday night of last week Jenny and I ministered to an Italian church in Marange, France. We moved strongly in the prophetic realm that night with many words of knowledge for people.

Last Thursday night we played and preached at a church in Thionville, France to a small group of Christians. The presence of the Lord was so strong after the metting that no one moved when the pastor dismissed them. It was really dynamic!

Finished up last week with the largest Christian concert in Metz, France, a city founded by the Romans in the 1st century. What a feeling!




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