Eva & The Flu

Please pray for The Cho…

Our little woman just returned from her first (and hopefully last) trip to the French Doctor. She has been diagnosed as having the intestinal flu. Apparently its a wide epidemic in this part of Europe right now and they are seeing an unusually high number of cases. The doctor prescribed some good medicines for her to stop the vomiting, diarrhea and against the flu bug. We have started them immediately.

She had been throwing up all last night and today, high fever and lots of super bad diapers (making a lot of laundry!). She has lost a few pounds and passed out twice. The doctor assured us it was normal for the sickness and she’d be over once the medicines took effect.

Please continue to lift her up with us, and that these would be “good medicines” for her. She remains her sweet self though very weak with big blue eyes…like living with your own Precious Moments doll.



2 Responses to “Eva & The Flu”

  1. Ahh Eva, thats sad to hear she s ill on her first eurotrip. She will recover soon! And yes Europe is very cold these days..and spring has just begun! When do we get to see you all? I will ask and ask over again untill i get an answer;)hahahhahah…Greg has some free time and i can take a day of ofcourse..so you know you can always visit us in Holland. or we go to Belgium (call 003115261405 or 0031707786732) Ok BLESSINGS

    Monique (en Greg)

  2. Cho,

    I love you! I am praying for you right now that God will heal you! So, have Mommy and Daddy give you a kiss and lay hands on you in my sted!

    Miss Leah

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