Europe, Wedding & Amber

Dear Family, Friends and Fans,

There’s a little of everything in this issue, so please read at your leisure!

– Europe Tour Starts Today –

Jennifer, Eva and I leave this morning for our first ministry tour in Europe since 2004. Most of you know that we normally frequent that continent much more however we took the last year and a half to settle into our new home with our new family member, and our new church life. That now being secured we felt it was time to get back across the pond.

And speaking of that new little family member, today is her 1st birthday! I guess it’s not every little girl that gets to fly to Europe for her first birthday! Do please pray for Eva on this trip as she is sick and daddy is taking her to the doctor this morning before we fly out.

Again, we’ll be preaching and doing worship concerts, giving ourselves away as much as we can wherever the Lord opens a door. The people over there are very dear to us and it will be good to see them again and introduce Eva to them (especially Momma and Papa Fernandez and Aunt Mumu and Uncle Sverker and all the others!). Here are a few specific dates to pray for (and those of you who are over there, we expect to see you there!):

March 17th & 18th
Eliel Pastors Conference
Longwyon, France

March 23rd
Radio Interview
Mulhouse, France

March 25th
Youth Meeting
Montbelliard, France

April 1st
Youth Meeting
Metz, France

April 8th
Youth Meeting

April 3rd to 7th
Dublin, Ireland

Flying home April 10th

Other towns we will have meetings in include Thionville, Woippy and St Dié.

Please pray for traveling mercies (as we’ve never done this with a baby before!) and for the Spirit of the Lord to move mightily in each and every meeting. We hope to take a few days rest as well as our schedule in NY has been non-stop action.

Please also pray for me as I have the second book to finish by April 1st for my publisher; deadlines are wonderful, and at the same time not so wonderful.

For news each week, please check out my blog at:

– Lora & Noel Get Married –

Last weekend I had the chance to perform my very first wedding which went WONDERFULLY well. A lot of laughing and joy on account of the beautiful day and the officiating pastor. 😉 Noel & Lora Mattingly were successfully married, their car wrapped in toilet paper and plenty of cans tied to the back. They surely have to be the most beautiful couple I have ever seen!

– Amber –

And I haven’t forgotten Amber! The guest of honor at this wedding was Amber. Dolled up in a beautiful dress, she was the last to arrive (always knew how to make a big entry!). It was amazing to see her sitting with everyone at the reception, talking and having a good time like everyone else.

Last week she and I played 45 minutes of air hockey together and even managed to dance a little. She is being strolled around in her wheelchair for the most part, but her legs are getting much stronger and she’s negotiating up stairs all her own with a little balance assistance. Short term memory improves with every passing day and she hasn’t reached any plateau in progress yet! Hallelujah!

Thanks for reading. We love you all dearly!

Blessing and much love in Jesus!



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