Video: Lost On A Loggin Trail, Randolph, NY 09.22.05

Here we are trying to get to Camp Li-Lo-Li by using directions from MapQuest (bad idea). The directions told us to go up what turned out to be a logging trail with steep hills, big rocks, and no guard rails. Thinking we could navigate down to the camp, our passage was eventually blocked by a big padlocked gate (which we later found out was only 100′ from the camp’s back door! Dah!). But to top it all off, we were up on the mountain top with an empty tank of gas. No one can ever say that the Hoppers aren’t adventurous! Ten miles of mountain voyaging later we got back to the main road and took the “normal” way to camp. Our shaken and dusty Acura was wondering where I had left my brain, asking it to do what mountain bikes normally do and all. We didn’t film the most precarious sections only because we were too busy holding on. But this clip is fun. Enjoy!


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